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Podcast Story...

A few years ago we were broke university students. Living in a place of Eastern Europe nobody knows - Lithuania. 

Fast forward a few years, we’re founders of AdKings Agency. An industry-leading boutique eCommerce growth agency responsible for one of the fastest-growing US eCommerce brands and taking it from $0.5M to $25M in a single year without any external funding.

Now we’re working on helping to grow and scale a dozen other eCommerce businesses to 8 or 9-figures. Managing over $18M in paid media ad spend a year and delving deep into sophisticated eCommerce exits, investments, and acquisitions world.

Our world is intense, crazy, ever-changing, and challenging.

This podcast is simple. Every week we, Darius, and  Justin are going to open up our & our agency lives. We’re going to share behind the scenes insights about what makes our clients' businesses grow at the speed they are growing.

We’re going to share our best-learned marketing methods, channel insights, and growth hacks that took us millions of dollars to figure out.
And we’re going to open up insights from our client's business development strategies from operations management to raising capital that supported this growth.

Nothing held back to help you transform your business into an 8 or even 9-figure powerhouse.

This is the Built to Scale eCommerce Show. 

- Darius & Justin

Have you ever wondered what makes a good agency good?

Our answer is – it's always focusing on what is best for the customer.

And in the eCommerce world, we believe this requires a different path from what most agencies take.

We believe that eCommerce growth is not a "mishmash" of different marketing channel activities with their own "goals" in mind, but synchronization of them all towards one common goal.

Therefore we work as an eCommerce Growth Agency and our KPI's are your store-level ROAS, revenue, and profit. Not vanity metrics like channel-specific numbers.

Because what matters for a business owner is not a marketing channel ad spends or channel-specific ROAS. But how much REAL growth, revenue, and profit you drive.

So we act more like your business partner, an outsourced CMO & full marketing department in one.

With our partners, we usually start with one dominant acquisition channel, such as Facebook Ads or AdWords. 

Then, over a few months, we build up their bespoke "stack" of different marketing channels and activities to maximize each business's unique potential.

Slowly taking over whole business marketing, freeing your time, and implementing the most sophisticated omnichannel strategies used by 8- & 9-figure eCommerce powerhouses to become who they are.

If you're interested in chatting about what we could do for your business, go to our AdKings Agency website and apply for a discovery call.

P.S: Please keep in mind that due to our boutique model we can't work with a lot of businesses at the same time and have an extensive preselection process to select the best candidates. Depending on time & demand we might not even be able to accept new clients for the next few months, so if you're serious please book a call ASAP to secure your place in line.

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Fact #1:
Average client 
growths 2.8x within 3 months of starting to work with us.

Fact #2:
Average client 
growths 6.2x within 12 months of starting to work with us.

Fact #3:
72% of our clients reach at least mid 7-figures &
 21% reach 8-figures or more.

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